Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome Back....

Ehem ehem...rase malu2 kucing pulak nak tulis balik..
Ye la..after almost 6 years tak bukak blog ni..
And out of sudden rasa try nak stalk my own blog for only a month (7/5-3/6/11)
Tu pun sebab nak exam during my medical student...

And now after 6 years..Alhamdulillah..i was graduated from being a HO and now tengah lodging/floating in the most stressful dept..sob sob **trying hard to think positive**

Enough with the intro...
Now im in a phase of acceptance...
Tp sebab tgh syok layan vampire diaries
Rase nak jugak ada diary mcm stefan my god he is so handsome im melting..haha

Okey...this is stefan salvatore

This is when he god..agagaga

This is when he write a diary...hai dik..tulis pn ko nampak

And this is him with his brother..damon salvatore..
They are not a real sibling k...but damon a.k.a ian actually handsome..his eyes my god...x boleh nk resist..ahahahahahaha

Okey....tu je....enough with my gedikness for today..
Ada masa i will tell more like how they wrote a diary to that she wont miss a single thing when she wake up one day...
Ecece...k bye..Adios

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